InstaCasa’s vision is a grand one.

We believe the market for this type of easily adaptable, expandable, transportable, and durable modular housing … is enormous. Especially here in a country like Ecuador.

Having said that, we fully expect to also be servicing markets in Peru and Colombia in the not too distant future.

InstaCasa’s modular housing can be used advantageously by many people in vastly differing environments, in an almost unlimited number of ways. The rapidity with which these units can be put in place, and the relative ease with which they can be folded up again and transported to another place, make them about as cost-effective and versatile a solution as can be imagined.

We expect to service:

*  Residential land-owners – those people who perhaps need a rapid solution for a cost-effective guesthouse, study, office, or storage facility.

*  Private Enterprise – companies involved in construction, mining, exploration, surveying, or road-building, etc.

* Government – government agencies/departments such as – military, schools, health, fire-fighting, forestry, mining, low-cost housing, emergency-response, etc.