We are currently taking orders based on our Pricing page.

Please submit your queries via the Contact page, and we will get in touch regarding organising a meeting or taking the next steps.

The ordering of InstaCasa modular units entails 3 separate costed items. The cost of:

1. the unit itself,

2. transport of the unit from the InstaCasa factory to its destination,

3. setting the unit up on the client’s site (should the client desire that service).

Client’s responsibilities include:

1. a prepared flat site onto which the unit is to be situated.

2. a responsible nominated person (with mobile phone) to meet the truck on-site, to describe where the unit will go.

3. vehicle access suitable for the InstaCasa delivery truck.

4. services such as power and water (should the client wish these to be connected at time of delivery). If said services are not available at time of delivery it will be the client’s responsibility to have them connected later at their own expense.

Because of the lead-time currently involved in purchasing a modular unit, the above items should be ready well ahead of the unit’s delivery day.

Accordingly, the ordering of unit/s will require an interview with each prospective client, with a view to our understanding their needs, as well as understanding where the unit/s will be going, and what role/s they will be expected to fulfil.

A delivery charge and set-up fee will be discussed and agreed. These charges, along with any outstanding balance for the unit itself, will be payable in advance, before the unit leaves the factory to its destination.

Please submit any questions via the Contact page of this website.