As discussed on the Ordering page, InstaCasa will happily deliver to the client’s site (if indeed it is possible to do so, given access conditions at that site).

If access is not possible to the client’s preferred site, the client will need to designate an alternate site where it is possible for InstaCasa to deliver the unit/s to.

If InstaCasa is delivering to the installation site, the client’s responsibilities include:

1. a prepared flat site onto which the unit is to be situated.

2. a responsible nominated person (with mobile phone) to meet the truck on-site, to describe where the unit is to go.

3. vehicle access suitable for the InstaCasa delivery truck.

4. services such as power and water (should the client wish these to be connected at time of delivery). If said services are not available at time of delivery it will be the client’s responsibility to have them connected later by a third-party at their own expense.