Prices – Currently, due to an unpredictable materials market here in Ecuador, exact pricing can only be confirmed at the time of order. But more or less, the prices (depending on the model) … are between $17,000 and $25,000. Maybe a little less, or maybe a little more, depending on the issue of how much the materials cost when we need to get them. Please contact us for an in-person meeting or video-conference.

3 sizes and two formats  – 3 sizes and two formats of modular home currently exist. InstaCasa currently offers its models in 3 sizes of approximately 45m2, 50m2 and 55m2. Each model can be purchased as a finished home or open space / office.

Ordering – Your order will be taken by way of a jointly signed contractual purchase agreement, together with a 75% non-refundable deposit, the remaining 25% payable on delivery of the unit.

Prices are per unit only   – Please note that these prices are for the modular-home only. Transportation and installation are separate costs. Similarly, connections to services are the responsibility and cost of the client.

Questions?  –  Please get in touch via our Contact page.