Why should I buy an InstaCasa Modular Unit?

There are many reasons to buy an InstaCasa modular unit … here are 12 good reasons to think about!

  1. They are transportable, so you can move them if you decide you want or need to put the unit somewhere else.
  2. They are great value for money, and cheaper in comparison to building a conventional home to a similar standard.
  3. They are durable and long-lasting. InstaCasa modular units are created from high-quality materials, which are made to last. These modular units will certainly last a lot longer than cheaply constructed “conventional” buildings.
  4. They are instantaneous! InstaCasa’s modular units (assuming we have your desired option in stock) are INSTANT. Once on-site (and again, assuming water and electric is available), it’s a “same-day setup,” and the new owner can move in or utilise the space IMMEDIATELY.
  5. They offer temporary or permanent accommodation. It does not matter whether you want something just for a short while, or whether you want something relatively permanent. InstaCasa’s modular units are suitable for either purpose.
  6. Can I buy a modular unit without owning land? Yes, of course! As long you have access to a piece of land where you plan to install the unit, no problem. It could be land you are renting, or land owned by your family or friends.
  7. They are suitable for personal, business or government use. InstaCasa’s modular units can be used for residential accommodation, or alternatively for government or private business purposes. Private Accommodation, Commercial Accommodation, Hotels, Offices, Health, Education, Mining, Construction, Emergency Response, or any other Government purpose can probably be quickly and easily satisfied by way of InstaCasa’s modular units.
  8. They are suitable for “off-grid-living.” In this era of environmental responsibility and sustainability generally, this is something we see a big market for and are very excited about! The design-team at InstaCasa are currently working towards being able to offer a completely “off-grid” modular-unit. This will incorporate a state-of-the-art solar-power system. All the owner will need is access to a water supply, and these modular units can be placed at any location it is possible for our delivery truck to access.
  9. They are Earthquake-Resistant. In the event of an earthquake, a typical InstaCasa modular unit will suffer far less (if any) damage, in comparison to a conventionally constructed home or building.
  10. Depending on the city/province (in Ecuador), they do not currently require a building permit, as they are not “in-ground constructions.” In comparison to a conventional construction, this will obviously save you unnecessary time, hassle and expense.
  11. They can be rented. If the new owner wants to generate additional income, InstaCasa’s modular units can of course be rented.
  12. They are easily re-sellable, so if you were using one whilst building your home (for example), you can sell it afterwards (or keep it and use it as a guesthouse or caretaker’s cottage)! In this example, it would also save on rental and/or accommodation costs of hotels etc during construction … and afterwards, you get to sell it or keep it – your choice!

Yes, the InstaCasa units are completely weatherproof. Additionally, they are insulated for temperature extremes. All persons and/or equipment inside the modular units are therefore protected in all weather conditions.

InstaCasa currently produces four sizes of approximately 45m2, 50m2, and 55m2. All are 2 bed, 1 bath. The format available comes either in “fully-finished home” or “open-plan” (for office or other alternative uses).

Yes, they are! At the consultation phase, we would assess your specific needs, and put forward the best possible solution (based on the timeline and our available resources).

At this stage we are not looking to customise the basic designs, although as time goes by, we may well be doing more custom work. For larger clients who need a customised solution, this is certainly something we are open to discussing.

Absolutely! These units are perfect for off-grid living. In fact one of our priorities is to design and manufacture an off-grid modular unit that is “ready-to-go.”

This very much depends on what we have in stock at any given time. After completing your consultation, we should be able to predict a date by which delivery can be made. If we have units in stock, theoretically the delivery could be made as soon as full payment has been received. If we do not have your model stocked and are building it from scratch, then we will let you know at the consultation, the approximate timeline for completion and/or delivery.

Yes, if you wish us to deliver your modular unit, then for an agreed delivery fee (paid in advance), InstaCasa will deliver the unit to your preferred location, if that location is in Ecuador, and is easily accessible by our delivery truck.

If you wish us to install the unit for you at time of delivery, of course! There is an additional fee for installation (payable in advance), which will vary, depending on where the installation needs to take place. Installation of the unit covers secure placement of the unit, erection of the unit, and connection of services (if available) … such that the unit is ready for immediate habitation/occupancy.